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Endurox Excel Review

By Maria Souza July 03, 2018 0 comments

About Endurox Excel
Containing the unique adaptogen herb, ciwujia, Endurox Excel has been shown to:

• Increase endurance by 23%

• Increase fat metabolism by 24%

• Increase peak VO2 by 12%


The primary ingredient in Endurox Excel is the adaptogenic herb, ciwujia. Adaptogens have been shown to have remarkable effects in bolstering the immune system in improving endurance. Two peer-reviewed studies provided strong confirmation of the benefits of Endurox Excel in individuals who exercise frequently. In a study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual meeting, researchers showed that after 28 days of ciwujia treatment there was a significant increase in endurance in long distance runners as well as an increase in fat metabolism.

Recommended Usage: Take two caplets in the morning once daily.

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