Gold Patee Canary Moist Eggfood 1kg by Orlux

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Brand: Orlux

    Publisher: Monster Pet Supplies

    Details: Eggfood moist yellow - red >ORLUX EGGFOOD MOIST, the yellow as well as the red, are based onbread, egg and honey, both of which is of the best quality. This is supplemented with extra proteins, vitamins, trace elements and minerals.Honey has a high nutritious value and makes the eggfood crumbly. In this way, the eggfood can be given without the addition of water or ther substance. Orlux eggfood moist must therefore not necessarily be refreshed daily, for decay through souring or mouldiness is excluded.The honey used here is 100% natural and extremely suitable for human consumption. This makes the eggfood exclusively tasty for your birds.The amount of red pigment, canthaxantine, is sufficient as maintenance dosage. So as to acquire a nice uniform red colour itis however necessary in the breeding and moulting periods to add ORLUX CAN-TAX to the drinking water and/or to the eggfood.

    EAN: 5411204110115

    Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.0 x 2.0 inches